Najbolja automobilska potjera ikada viđena - igdje

Ovo ne da je najbolja automobilska potjera viđena u igrama - ovo je najbolja automobilska potjera ikada viđena, i igdje.
Volite li igre, a volite li i filmove, pokloniti ćete si 13 minuta i 40 sekundi za ovo fenomenalno remek djelo koje, doduše u interaktivnom obliku možda nikada nećemo vidjeti u igrama, a vjerojatno ni u filmu.
Inače, vjerojatno ćete primijetiti kako se početak videa pomalo zafrkava na račun neslavno propalog Driv3ra, koristeći dio njegovog soundtracka, ali i dio atmosfere koji je bio obećavan, a nikada ostvaren. Naravno, možda je samo slučajnost.


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Artosis about eSports

Currently working for eSports organization IEG in South Korea, Daniel Stemkoski also known as „Artosis“ is encyclopedia when it comes about electronics sports. How will eSports fare in west, which games will provide best competitave nature to the gamers and how does Korean eSports function? PCPlay finds out.

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CryENGINE 3: An in-depth interview with Crytek

PC Play had once more a chance to blast Crytek with questions, and this time we completely covered a upcoming "superengine", CryENGINE 3 which will power sequel of a award winning first person shooter, Crysis. This time we had a chance to chat with Mr Carl Jones, who is a Director of Business Development for CryENGINE.

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An interview with Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO

We´ve made a brief interview with Mr Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, a company that has made many great things for PC gaming since their digital distribution service, Impulse formed. We asked Brad a few things about his upcoming game, his views of current situation of PC gaming and its future etc. Don´t miss it!

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Patrik Hellstrand, GosuGamers - President, Head Administrator, editor-in-chief


Starcraft, Warcraft and DoTA eSports games. Daily news from Korean scene and results of various tournaments are also included and co-ordinated by head administrator and editor-in-chief Patrik "Raistlin"  Hellstrand. How this big eSports media machine works and how to make eSports in Europe more successful ? How well will new eSports games integrate in current state of scene and what future projects that has in store for us ? Read on as we demistify these questions.

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PC Gaming Alliance offical response to Peter Molyneux' statement

After one of the industry's most recognizable figures, Peter Molyneux stated PC gaming is "in tatters", we asked PC Gaming Alliance for the official response.
PC Play believed Mr Molyneux is sharing misinformation with the media, and with the industry as a whole. Here's what Mr Randy Stude, president of PCGA responded.

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An interview with Valve VP of marketing, Mr Doug Lombardi

PC Play talked with one of the most influental figures of interactive entertainment industry, Mr Doug Lombardi. We asked Doug what he thinks about all those "PC gaming is dying" bollocks, his view on recently formed PC Gaming Alliance, but Doug also told us that Valve is preparing some new franchises at the end of this year.

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An interview with Crytek president, Mr Cevat Yerli

PC Play magazine had a chance to have a brief chat with Mr Cevat Yerli, a president of well-known German studio Crytek. We asked Cevat a few questions about Crysis success and its future, the state of the PC gaming industry, the piracy impact, Games for Windows program and other topics regarding Crysis production.

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